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AI-based approach Fast & optimized process Dedicated support

AI-based approach

MAbSilico’s technology is based on 20 years of academic research performed by highly competent scientists. All our methods are calibrated using parameters set up from proprietary databases during the R&D stage, and they are all validated with state-of-the-art experimental assays. Thanks to these combined approaches (computational and biology), MAbSilico can show that the predictive data always converge towards the biological truth.

MAbSilico needs a few days to provide the best Antibody

Conventional development 29 months

AI-based approach

Fast & optimized process

The ML-learning process is made once and for all during the R&D stage. Consequently, computation happens very fast, within minutes. Using our SaaS platform MAbFactory, the customers control the process, from sequences uploading to the export of the final data. MAbSilico’s pipeline allows selecting and optimizing leads within a few days, hence reducing drastically the number of molecules to be tested experimentally before the pre-clinical trials.

Fast & optimized process

Dedicated support

AI for antibody discovery is new and disruptive. That’s why our handbook provides complete description of the different methods, their output and experimental protocols for experimental validation.
MAbSilico provides experimental validation as well, and we are customer centric with dedicated professional services to help you take the best of the AI-based solutions for your drug discovery program.

Dedicated support

On demand solutions

We cover the pre-clinical antibody discovery pipeline, but some campaign leads only to a limited number of specific antibodies or gave requires specific characteristics. In such case, we can implement an on-demand package for your specific program, and if no method seems to answer your scientific concern, we may be able to adapt or design a method to solve your problem.

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